Free spanish or french translation

Free spanish or french translation

You are a popular blogger or web tool developer ?

You're looking for a one-page1 spanish or french translation ?

You're in the right place. And it's free.

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a one-page spanish or french translation. For free.

We check

if your translation request meet our requirements.

We translate

your content and host it in our web site under a CC license2.

Our requirements
  • Only one-page popular content
  • Spanish or French translation
  • Translation hosted in our web site
  • Under a Creative Commons license
Some of our free spanish and french translations

Why such a free translation service ?

I only know Internet but I know it well. Since 1997, I am a big consumer of internet articles or news and also a big user of free or open-source tools. As an Internet big fan, I wake up one day with the dream to help bloggers and web developers make their popular article or tool available to much more people. That was the idea : to help a little, for free, for all the Web and its community gave me, for free.

Gilles Gallico - Web addict

A useful service praised by many webmasters

Victims of our own success, many sites are waiting to be translated:,, and

Some other websites based on the same topic are also waiting for translation :, or which is a global directory and its subdomains, and also And their equivalent focused to help your children with their lessons : or if you are looking for a maid : And also,

Only one-page popular content translated in French or Spanish

Internet is so wide that we will focus on popular content. Usually, those are top articles or free web tools that we use and love. But also, other suggested content that is well-known enough. As we translate for free, we limit our translation to a one-page article. If you want more, you can contact a professionnal translation agency. We believe we have a huge responsibility in the content we provide, that's why we only translate in French or Spanish as those are our native languages. The translations we provide are hosted in our web site under a Creative Commons license. It will enable anyone to see our work and eventually re-use it (provided the respect of the CC license conditions).

Translations available in our web site under a Creative Commons license

Creative Commons LicenseOur translations will be available in our web site under the Creative Commons license BY-NC-SA. It means you are free to copy, share and adapt them if :

  • You disclose the title of and link to our original translation.
  • You don't use our translations for commercial purposes.
  • You distribute the eventually remixed translation under a similar CC license.

Let's ask for a free spanish or french translation !

Interested in translating your one-page popular article or web tool user guide in spanish or french ? Do not hesitate to contact us ! We will be pleased to help you make your content available to french or spanish readers / users for free.

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